Who said Trauma Recovery had to be long and painful?

Creative Empowering is a unique approach that offers Ericksonian Hypnotherapy  techniques to transform grief and trauma into resources in a fast and gentle way.

We teach practitioners an efficient way to Talk to the Subconscious Mind, in order to stop automatic programs that are no longer useful, and activate positive resources for growth.

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Vancouver- Nov 21-23, 2018 Full

    Winnipeg – Dec 6-8, 2018  NEW DATES!

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is highly effective in the treatment of PTSD because it goes right to the root of the symptoms.

Talk directly to the subconscious mind of your client and see transformation happen right in front of you.


Although in this workshop you will Not become a certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, you will get great tools to help your clients:

  • process experiences for which they dont’ have words 

  • transform disturbing inner images,

  • visualize better futures in a non-threatening way.


Ericksonian Hypnotherapy has a strong scientific background that has been proven useful to treat trauma. You Never control your client’s mind, but rather allow them to take control over their Own Mind.

Ericksonian Hypontherapy works with the five areas of PTSD treatment: Exposure, Intrusion, Avoidance, Alteration, and Arousal

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy provides clients tools and resources to feel more in control of physiological responses when triggered by fear and help them process and release stored emotions related to the trauma.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy elicits Amplified States of Consciousness to:

Speak directly to the subconscious mind

Unlearn limiting believes

Reclaim inner power

Resolve trauma within an emotional safe and protected environment.


The most important tool to create wellness is the MIND!

It is the mind that heals, transforms, and  creates wellness. What makes a technique or strategy work is what takes place in the mind while doing it!

No one else but your client can free their own client mind of limiting beliefs and structures to unleash the power within. The Subconscious Mind is where intuition, and wisdom live. It is where visions and dreams are created, and where all inner resources are waiting to be used.

Align cognition with subconscious mind, and get Amazing Results.

You can help your client’s create the life they want with Ericksonian Hypnotherapy  strategies.

START NOW and experience the difference.





    Coaching, healing, and therapy can be easy, fast, and fun. We just need to have specific tools and use effective strategies to create profound long lasting positive results.


    Healing is the process of reclaiming and building inner strength, resilience and self-confidence. Through creative interventions everyone can easily embrace the path of self-growth and transformation.


    When youth are given a place to express, they can flourish and embrace a life with purpose. When we believe in their wisdom and power they will show it and will act on it.





We believe that being in the now opens the doors of infinite possibilities and unleashes true wellness.



  • “Andrea has a visible love and passion for her work. This translates into inspiration. I am mostly an optimistic person and have already imagined all the ways I can use what has been put forward. Sincere, realistic, inspiring, articulate. Well done!” Sandi Hiemer, Montana Schopol Ponoka Ab
  • “I enjoyed everything about the training. Learnt so much! All the activities were great, very interactive. You are the best. Have the next training soon” Jackie Callahan, Kwanlin Dun First Nation, Whitehorse Yukon
  • “Andrea is very articulated and easy to understand. Capable of answering our questions, gentle but powerful. Has a way with words. I would recommend the grief workshop to other counselors and to clients. I would recommend Andrea as a counselor” Burnice Mandeville, S.A.L.T Colleg
  • “I did not know what to expect coming here but what I learned will definitely help me working with my clients in an effective manner” Sharon Martell, Meadow Lake Tribal Council



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