Walking Together the  Profound Path of

Growth and Transformation

Reality is Constructed Inside and then Projected Outside. Milton Erickson



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Understanding the Risk Factors of Violence in  the Youth.

There are risk factors for violent and antisocial behavior. When these are known, they can be prevented. In this workshop you will learn about behaviors and situations that place youth at risk of violent and criminal activity. You will also explore creative programs that can be implemented to reduce violence in the community.


Learn how to use images, metaphors and stories to elicit transformation, inner peace, hope, and healing in your clients.

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 Strategies to survive the aftermath of a violent or traumatic loss.

When the heart has been crushed and there are no words to express the pain and confusion, Expressive Arts are a door for  healing, self-empowerment and growth. Learn powerful strategies to support your client navigate the turbulent aftermath of violence, loss and grief.

Everyday Mindfulness

Every moment is a wonderful moment. In this workshop you will learn different mindfulness techniques to transform negative emotions and find inner peace.




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