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Welcome to the 21- Days of Mindfulness Challenge

The idea of this group is to grow together as a community, by practicing a diverse variety of 

Mindfulness and Meditation techniques.

May this work bring benefit to all beings!

Day 1

1- Establishing the Intention

Everything starts with an intention, This can be conscious or unconscious.

Think about why you want to practice Mindfulness and write it in your notebook

2- Inspiration

We have all been inspired by people due to their strength, wisdom, courage, love, work, etc. They have been role models and have been a guide  or a light in our path.


Remember at least 40 people that  have inspired you, and write their names in your notebook.

3- Practice

Listen to the audio, do the practice, and write any question or insight in the notebook.


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Day 2

The Present Moment

It is in  the Present Moment that the Universe unfolds and life happens.

The present moment is a fresh start, that offers the opportunity to e one with the Universe, Spirit, God, The Source, The Infinite

Since the past is manifested in the present ,and the future is created also in the present, it is wise to take care of the Present.



Present Moment Symbol

To remind you of the power of the infinite manifesting moment by moment, you can make a drawing in your notebook that represents the present moment, or  you can decorate a box representing the gift the universe is giving you every moment.  

Listen to the audio and throughout the day, keep in your mind the Mantra:

¨I am one with the  "Universe " (or God, Spirit, Source, Creator ...) in the Here and the Now"

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Feel the air coming in and going out. Recognize that every cell in your body is getting oxygen with each inbreath, and releasing toxins with each outbreath.


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Don't expect anything, just let things happen and be curious about everything.

Take your time and be gentle with yourself.

Don't cling to anything and don't reject anything

Just let things arise and dissolve.

View all problems as challenges.

Don't try to figure everything out. Don't ponder

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