Walking Together the  Profound Path of

Growth and Transformation

Reality is Constructed Inside and then Projected Outside. Milton Erickson



Art Therapy and the Healing Process

Enhance your counseling/coaching work with Art-Therapy strategies. Learn how to use materials and process work with clients in a safe way.

Finding Purpose in Life through Mandala Making

Learn how to use Mandalas to support your clients find purpose in life and build resilience.

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Creative Grief Coaching

Unresolved grief is currently affecting millions of people. Learn how to use art therapy strategies to help your clients walk through the stages of grief recovery.


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Hypnotherapy Certification
Module 1

Learn what is hypnosis, the power of the Mind, how to elicit a shift in consciousness in the client and more. IMDHA approved program.

$650 CA

Therapeutic Imagery

Learn how to use images, metaphors and stories to elicit transformation, inner peace, hope, and healing in your clients.

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Solution Focused Therapy

Learn powerful strategies to support your clients change perceptions, and reorient their works toward finding solutions to their situations.

Everyday Mindfulness

Every moment is a wonderful moment. In this workshop you will learn different mindfulness techniques to transform negative emotions and find inner peace.

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Chang your Habits Change your Life

Your habits determine the life you live. Learn powerful techniques to transform habits in yourself and your clients.




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