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Reality is Constructed Inside and then Projected Outside. Milton Erickson



Due to COVID 19, ALL Workshops and Trainings are NOW ONLINE
Youth Workshops

Give youth the power of expression and innovation. Let them be the leaders in their own life and find ways to contribute with others, while developing skills in our programs: Youth in Focus; Engaged Art; Mindfulness in Action; and Leadership & Team Building.

Professional Workshops

Bring the power of Positive Thinking, Mindfulness, and Creativity to your community, school, or organization. 

Improve communication, leadership, and work flow within a solution oriented approach and an empowering environment.

Improve Team-Building & communication, and stop Bullying and Lateral Violence.

Empowering Retreats

Experience a beautiful location while you or your staff enjoy a Creative Empowering journey. Enhance team work and communication, retrieve inner resources; develop new skills, and fully replenish.

Emotional Healing; Team Building; Mindfulness; Self Care and stress reduction.

Not being offered due to COVID 19

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