Art Therapy

Mandalas for Wellness

June 8, 2020

3-6 pm (central time)

Cost - $ 39.00 CA

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means 'Circle' . 

It represents the connection with the true self and the universe at large.

Indigenous people around the world have used Mandalas to share profound knowledge and wisdom.

Learn how to create and use a Mandala for Inner Growth and Wellness.


In this 3 hrs workshop you will learn

  • What is a Mandala?

  • Sacred Geometry and Life

  • Traditional Spiritual Mandalas

  • Creating your own personal Mandala

Materials you will need:

White  paper (drawing, mix media or photocopy)

Geometry compass or a string to use as one




Pencil Colors or/and acrylic paint

Glue stick



The Universe is created in perfect geometry, that unfolds in creative wonderful ways.


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